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Week 0: The Dress Rehearsal

Week 0: The Dress Rehearsal
Photo by Phillip Goldsberry / Unsplash

Don’t waste your College Football Saturday dry run.

The Problem

The return of college football is so close, we can smell a game 4,500 miles away on the wind. As soon as the scent hits our nostrils we’re a million miles away, soaring above the clouds, imagining our life with college football, and our children with college football (of course it would be hard to explain to our friends and family, but our love is worth it).

We’re so excited for the big day, it’s easy to forget the little things around the edges. The things that take a bunch of friends in a room from a party to a memory that will last a lifetime. College Football Saturday memories are made in front of the TV or in a stadium on the weekends, but the success comes from a week of preparation and a timely Week 0 dress rehearsal. Use this guide to make the most of your Week 0, and iron out the wrinkles of your college football Saturdays before the real action starts the following week.

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