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The Bo Nix Conspiracy Goes So Much Deeper Than You Realize

The Bo Nix Conspiracy Goes So Much Deeper Than You Realize

Despite Oregon’s loss at home last week, there’s a lot of attention on the Utah vs. Oregon game in Eugene this Saturday, for most of the usual reasons, like the Pac-12 championship berth implications, and the tension between these two teams after two 30-point beatdowns from Utah and the possibility of some Duck revenge at home. It’s also getting some attention because of the health status of the Pac-12’s offensive player of the year so far, and Oregon starting QB Bo Nix, who was injured late in last week’s loss at home to the rival Washington Huskies.

The Bo Nix injury would be massive news for this game. As mentioned, Bo Nix is likely the Offensive Player of the Year for the Pac-12 as the conference’s best QB (if you disagree with this, I simply don’t know what to tell you other than that you are, almost certainly, wrong), and even a banged-up Bo Nix could be devastating – or at minimum transformational – to the Duck’s offense, which is one of the most efficient in the country with Nix at QB. Because of that, it was no surprise to see Dan Lanning and Oregon be what Utah fans are interpreting and a bit cagey with Nix’s health status, saying that he will be questionable for the matchup next week.

Dan Planning

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