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Buffs Are(n't Good Enough to Be) Frauds – Rivalry Week Preview

Buffs Are(n't Good Enough to Be) Frauds – Rivalry Week Preview
Photo by Bruno Delfino / Unsplash

It’s not a secret around these parts how we feel about Colorado Football. This is another down year, if you could say such a nice thing about perhaps their worst season yet, but one thing remains, and that is that Colorado, who started the season looking phenomenally bad, is somehow worse than we imagined. Time and time again, Colorado has proven three simple words, over and over.

“Buffs are frauds.”

There’s been some ups and downs between Utah and Colorado over the years, including Utah’s loss to them in 2011, when a win would have sent them to the initial Pac-12 Championship Game, Colorado’s 5-point win over Utah in 2016, when, like this year, Utah still had an outside chance at the Pac-12 Championship Game, but needed some help.

But other than that, Utah’s mostly kicked the shit out of them, which has been fine. I always appreciate getting Colorado at the end of the season, after they’ve been exposed to be frauds, but their semi-annual midseason peak around the middle third of college football isn’t enough to make this game worth looking forward to every year. If anything, this year I’m dreading it, because it’s the classic game you absolutely shouldn’t ever lose, on the road, in the cold, at the end of a season, after a disappointing loss. Colorado has Utah right where they want them!
Unfortunately, Colorado sucks at football. Their mascot is also famously a bison that they call a buffalo, which is the most fraudulent behavior I’ve ever seen happening in plain sight. Let’s get this game over with.

#14 Utah at Colorado. 2pm MT. Pac-12 Network.

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