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Chomping at the Bit - Week 1 Preview

Chomping at the Bit - Week 1 Preview
Photo by Shelly Collins / Unsplash

Here we are. We made it to College Football Week 1.

As is annual tradition, millions of us have been champing at the bit for this season to start. This feels particularly true for Utah fans who watched their team rise from calamity last season to its first ever Pac-12 championship and Rose Bowl appearance, capped with a phenomenal Rose Bowl game and a season Utah fans will never forget. The surprise of last season combining with the promise of more experience has #7 Utah at its highest ever preseason AP ranking, and fan expectations at their highest too.

As excited as the fans are for this season, it’s fair to say that the team is doing some champing of its own bits. There has been open discussion from team members and coaches this season of College Football Playoff possibilities, if not expectations. The offense may have the most NFL prospects it has ever had. The defense is young, talented, and led by a DB group that has one of the best defenders in the country leading the pack.

Gators, on the other hand, do not champ. Gators chomp.

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