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Bury the Devil Twice – Week 4 Preview

Bury the Devil Twice – Week 4 Preview
Photo by Denny Müller / Unsplash

[long, deep breath]

That, my friends, is a real fall morning. It is 48 degrees on my patio in West Jordan, UT as I type this. It’s just a little too cold to be out here in the dark, but this type of fall morning is too rare and too beautiful to pass up (shoutout to my fellow yetis, it’s almost The Good Season™).

With regards to summer…

The Utes travel to Tempe this week, where it is currently 80 degrees, so they’ll have to wait another week for this crisp fall weather (Plato invented Hell in 400 BC because we hadn’t discovered Arizona yet). Traveling to Arizona in September is always an ill-advised journey, but forerunners like Eastern Michigan have provided the map to return safely.

But first…

MULLET: Business in the front

This morning we launched a giveaway of four tickets to Oregon State at Utah next week. You should have gotten that email announcement too (subject line: Utah Ticket Giveaway – 4 tickets to Oregon State at Utah on 10/1), and we’d appreciate it if you would help us share that message on social or forward it to your friends.

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#13 Utah at Arizona State. 8:30pm MT. ESPN.

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