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A Bitter Rival for A Week – Week 3 Preview

A Bitter Rival for A Week – Week 3 Preview
Photo by Girl with red hat / Unsplash

Week 3 is the close of the unofficial preseason for Utah Football. This week marks the last opportunity for tune-ups before conference play starts and the road to Utah’s postseason possibilities start to take real shape. The first 3 weeks of college football are some of the most fun, but starting in week 4 the proverbial rubber hits the road, and things get real.

But we know that not all preseason games are the same, and while this game may not hold a lot of national or conference importance, the loss last year, Cam’s late entrance, and the OT loss within the new OT rules, have certainly ramped up the intensity around this game for Utah.

SDSU at #14 Utah. 8pm MT. ESPN2.

I love a good revenge game. The beauty of college football is in its pettiness. Rivalries like The Holy War are rooted in tradition and geography, and intensified over time, but revenge games create a microcosm of this feeling with a less familiar team, like a mini, one-year rivalry game. I am embracing this opportunity, and declaring my disgust with San Diego State Football, at least until the end of the game on Saturday.

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