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It's Perfect Patio Weather

It's Perfect Patio Weather
Photo by Devon MacKay / Unsplash

There’s little better to me than a morning on a patio. A hot cup of coffee, a loved one, and a warm-but-not-yet-scalding sun is an undefeated morning. Toss in some light music, some brekkie, and some fresh air, and you’ve got the makings of Perfect Patio Weather.

This particular morning is Perfect Patio Weather. I’m sitting in an uncomfortable wooden chair, I’m drinking fresh brewed, but too-strong of coffee from my favorite Utah mug, while Sakoda, Brisket (my 5 and 3 year old Bernese mountain dogs) and I enjoy the still-young morning and a stiff early-fall breeze. When the breeze picked up, it was a rush of that familiar, invigorating, fall morning air.

A fall morning breeze brings a lot along with it.

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