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Big Helmoon Rising...

Big Helmoon Rising...
Credit: Utah Athletics

It didn’t take long.

Practice had ended less than two hours earlier, and yet Utah Twitter was already in midseason form. As the Utah Athletics account posted THE picture of Cam “Red Helmet” Rising with the caption “Protect this photo at all costs” surely knowing what was to come, the rabid and hungry on Twitter responded just like Pavlov’s dogs did to the bell.

We’ve been trained for this, waiting for this since January with subtle hints and interludes like spring ball along the way to help us stay sharp, but we the underlings of the internet, nay, the Blockheads responded, and what a response it was. Spaceballs gifs galore, quote tweets and jokes, even a contest for likes from beloved Designer Ute offering to grow Cam’s ginormous melon with every Twitter heart.

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